Scheduled PowerPoint Level 2 courses

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PowerPoint Level 2

Non Credit Bearing
Course Category: 
Computer Skills

Duration: 1 Day
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm

MS Powerpoint is not just a tool for creating and delivering presentations. It is also a platform for expressing your creativity and showcasing your expertise. If you want to take your presentation skills to the next level, you need to learn how to use Powerpoint’s advanced features and functions to create stunning and sophisticated presentations that can wow your audience. Advanced Powerpoint training can teach you the advanced skills and techniques to design and deliver presentations that can stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression. In this course, you will learn how to: 

  • Customize and optimize the Powerpoint environment and settings to suit your preferences and needs
  • Use master slides, layouts, themes, and templates to create consistent and professional-looking slides
  • Use advanced formatting and editing tools to modify and enhance your slides
  • Use SmartArt, shapes, icons, and 3D models to create dynamic and interactive graphics
  • Use macros, VBA, and add-ins to automate and extend the functionality of Powerpoint
  • Use hyperlinks, action buttons, triggers, and zooms to create non-linear and interactive presentations
  • Use narration, annotations, captions, and subtitles to add voice and text to your presentation
  • Use presenter view, slide show view, and recording tools to prepare and deliver your presentation effectively
  • Use Powerpoint online, mobile, and web apps to access and share your presentation anytime and anywhere 

By the end of this course, you will be able to create and deliver presentations that can demonstrate your advanced Powerpoint skills and knowledge.  

Module 1: Advanced Slide Master Techniques

Using the Slide Master Ribbon

Using the Notes Master Ribbon

Using the Handout Master Ribbon

Creating Notes Master

Creating Handouts Master

Apply Note and Handout Masters

Removing Masters

Modifying Templates

Modify Themes

Saving Templates

Module 2: Using Multimedia in Presentations

Customising Your Diagrams

Inserting a Symbol or Special Character

The Drawing Tools Ribbon

Advanced ClipArt Formatting

Other Illustrations

Inserting a Picture from a File

Inserting a Photo Album

Adding Video and Sound

Insert Video from the Clip Organiser or File

Deleting a Video

Adding a Sound Clip

Deleting a Sound

Using Animation Effects

Add animation to an object

Apply multiple animation effects to a single object

View a list of animations currently on the slide

Set the effect options, timing, or order for an animation

Test your animation effect

Using Slide Transitions

Add a transition to a slide

Set the timing for a transition

Add sound to slide transitions

Creating a Custom Animation

Module 3: Microsoft Office Integration with PowerPoint

Merging Your Presentation with Another

Slides from Word Outline

Reuse Slides from other Presentations

Create Handouts in Microsoft Word

Create a New Embedded Object

Embedding Part of a File

Edit Embedded Objects

Module 4: Working with Organisation Charts and Tables

Advanced Organisation Chart Options

Create an Organisation Chart

Edit an Organisation Chart

Formatting and Modifying Tables

Table Tools: Design Sub Ribbon

Table Styles

Module 5: Advanced Presentation Techniques

Creating Action Buttons

Custom Shows

Creating, Editing, Copying, and Deleting Shows

Setting Show Options

Email Presentations

Module 6: Advanced presentation delivery options

On-Screen Navigation Tools

Write on slides during a presentation

Copying a Presentation to a CD or Folder

Package Presentation for CD

Opening Packaged Presentations

Module 7: Customising the PowerPoint Environment

PowerPoint Options



Using the Quick Access toolbar

About the Default Buttons

Adding Buttons

Removing Buttons

Customising the Toolbar

Slide Sections

Add and name a section

Rename a section

Move a section up or down in a list of slides

Remove a section

Headers and Footers

Add Header or Footer