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This course is available in-house or as a public course by special arrangement

Customer Centric Values

Course Category: 
Sales & Marketing

Duration: 1 Day

Time: 8:30am-4:00pm

This course aligns customer-centric service levels expected of staff, with organisational values and aspirations.

 The programme draws from key modules within two highly interactive courses that we have developed. The first was designed to inculcate the “brand ambassador” responsibilities that employees bear when representing their employers, whilst the second delivers very practical and essential skills focusing on how to serve disappointed, demanding, difficult and angry customers, with genuine care.

 Delegates will develop insight into the different types of customer demands and why customers get disappointed. They will learn the skills required to manage themselves first and then to resolve customer requirements even when dealing with potentially contentious issues. 


  • How to influence perceptions to create a great first impression
  • Starting from the basics: general expectations of customers or clients
  • Organisational promises:  building trust through integrity and living up to promises
  • Authentic brand behaviour:  internal customer service matching external customer service
  • Representing the brand through communication
  • Essential telephone practices that contribute to healthy impressions of your organisation
  • Professional writing matters for a reason:  using email the right way 
  • Explore the expectations your customers have of you and your company
  • Individual expectations: explore the different types of customers and how to deal with them
  • Move your customers from seeing you as the enemy to seeing you as an ally
  • Explore how to “get behind” the real problem
  • Don’t just say sorry, get into your customers' shoes and really “see” what it is like for them


  • Understand the importance of your role as a brand ambassador
  • Heightened awareness about the customer experience within the organisation
  • How to recognise customer wants and needs
  • Build stronger relationships with customers leading to trust and loyalty
  • Ability to manage yourself in difficult situations
  • Ability to turn moments of misery into moments of magic
  • Improve problem-solving skills for customer service issues