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Customer-Centric Hospitality

Non Credit Bearing
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Customer Service in the hospitality sector means making guests feel unique, special and valued. Holidays are an opportunity for people to escape the demands of daily life and for a moment in time have their needs taken care of, enjoy some luxury, and indulge in the good things in life. This experience can be made all the more special by having attentive staff who are capable of satisfying the customer’s needs through great service and a great attitude. In this very practical course, we bring the essential themes of service in hospitality to life. We work with the learners to move beyond simply understanding the concepts of excellent service, to delivering excellent service, leaving your guests with a special, enjoyable and unforgettable experience. One they wish to return to time and time again.

• All staff members who interact with customers


  • Confidence to engage with guests from a more caring, friendly and helpful attitude
  • Motivated to not only deliver what was promised to the customer, but to also go above and beyond
  • Capable of handling difficult interactions and dealing with issues when they arise
  • Engaged in creating memorable experiences that keep your guests coming back
  • Enhanced enthusiasm for creating special moments for your guests.


  • Importance of customer service and what the customer means to our business
  • The essence of hospitality: making guests feel special and treated
  • Using the RATER model to meet excellent standards:
  • Reliability: being available, knowledgeable on products and services, and helpful
  • Assurance: living up to promises made to our guests
  • Tangibles: keeping areas clean, tidy and user friendly
  • Empathy: understanding the customer and addressing their issues
  • Responsiveness: actioning requests, working together to meet needs, and following up.
  • Interacting with our guests to show warmth, passion, interest and care
  • Dealing with angry or upset customers
  • The ‘wow’ factor: going the extra mile to excite and delight our guests
  • Importance of teamwork and team effort
  • Taking pride in your organisation