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Sales - Ensuring Customer Satisfaction - Accredited

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Sales & Marketing

Duration: 2 Days
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm

Customer satisfaction is the key to customer loyalty, retention and referral business. By understanding the wants and needs of your customers and closely monitoring satisfaction levels, you will be a lot closer to ensuring their loyalty and repeat business than your next best competitor. This course is a must for all organisations and departments. If you aren’t committed to measuring customer satisfaction and responding appropriately, you will lose existing customers faster than you think.


  • All staff in a sales or service environment
  • Sales Executives
  • Key Account Managers
  • Sales Managers, Operations Managers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Anyone wanting to start their own business


  • Acquire skills that allow you to demonstrate your commitment to the customer, ensuring repeat business
  • Earn the right to be remembered – customers remember and trust organisations that excel in customer service, making it easier for you to sell to them again…and again
  • Refresh your knowledge on the 6-step sales process
  • Learn how to reach out to your customers and ask the right questions – giving you a head start in any improvements that need to be made -
  • Learn how to monitor customer orders, as well as the procedures and processes involved, ensuring sales team follow-up on orders placed
  • Acquire after sales service skills, building long-term relationships with customers and growing your business


  • Sales management functions
    • Sales in the industry, the product and the industry role players
  • Sales process
    • Using product knowledge in the sales process
    • Methods and techniques to deal with customer needs and requests
    • Know Your Customers' Needs
    • Communicating with customers
    • Becoming an Active Listener
    • Clarifying and confirming
  • Monitoring verbal and written orders
    • Check the elements of the sales process
    • Manage assessments of the competitive environment
    • Check customers' needs identified, and goods and/or services offered
    • Monitoring add-on opportunities identified and communicated to customers
    • Monitoring orders clarified, and details recorded
    • Monitoring completion and the administration of orders' procedures and documentation
    • Monitoring confirmation and distribution of orders
    • Variances in identified orders and taking corrective action
    • Ensure sales team follow-up on orders placed
    • Perform assessments of the competitive environment
    • Competitor analysis
    • Monitoring product and service support provided
    • Monitoring opportunities for feedback from all stakeholders to maintain and improve customer satisfaction and relationships
    • Improving customer satisfaction
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Conduct follow-up with customers to evaluate satisfaction levels