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Management by Objectives

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Non Credit Bearing
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Management & Leadership

Duration: 3 Days
Time: 8:30am-4pm

Organisations that are goal focused and continuously measure progress against their goals are proven to be more successful.  Defining a clear strategy and objectives provides a framework within which the organisation can optimally work towards achieving its goals.  Doing so by employing a systematic approach enables organisations to operate confidently, knowing that as each business unit fulfils their goals, they are contributing to the ultimate goals and success of the organisation. 

Learners will be provided with tools and templates and be required to apply the learning to their work environment.


  • Managers needing to take a systematic approach to setting goals and objectives
  • Aspirant and junior managers who are required to maintain and set goals and align these with their key deliverables
  • Anyone working with goals and objectives that needs to understand the importance and impact of taking a goal driven approach to task management.  


  • Greater success is experienced
  • You will take a systematic goal driven approach to managing yourself and your teams
  • This focused approach enables a clear understanding of your progress towards achieving the goals
  • Ongoing monitoring enables you to take appropriate corrective action towards meeting the goals
  • There is a sense of success when goals and milestones are reached, which is extremely motivating
  • It increases your belief in your ability of what you can achieve – success breeds success


  • Defining strategy
  • Turning strategy into specific, SMART objectives for the business unit
  • Defining strategies, actions and measures for the business unit
  • Including team members in the process
  • Formulating a clear, visible and understood plan to meet the goals and objectives. 
  • Defining deliverables, milestones, tasks, timing, dependencies and resourcing
  • Determining criteria for success to facilitate monitoring
  • Methods and techniques for measuring progress
  • Implementing the plan – communicating and motivating
  • The art of delegation. Encouraging responsibility and accountability
  • Monitoring activities and progress
  • Controlling - How to keep activities on track
Official course name: 
Employ a systematic approach to achieving objectives