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Leadership The Right Way

Unit Standard: 
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Non Credit Bearing
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Management & Leadership

Duration: 3 Days
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm

“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.”  John Maxwell
Leadership is about guiding others to success.  Leadership is not a title, it is a set of mature behaviours that guide a leader to get the best out of people, instil accountability and create an environment in which motivation can flourish. Leadership is a process of influence to achieve a collective goal.  This interactive course provides insights into current research on the positive impact of strong leadership in creating more productive and healthy teams. 


  • Senior managers, middle managers, junior managers and team leaders
  • Business Owners


  • Greater accountability to influence and support the team to achieve excellent results
  • Appropriate styles of leadership that are used to create positive results in varying situations
  • Techniques and methods to enhance team engagement, motivation, and enthusiasm
  • Improved communication and cooperation for a creative and innovative environment
  • Create a healthy, high performing, committed team by leading with confidence, maturity, and purpose.


  • What leadership is and the elements of leadership:  interpersonal, influence and goal
  • Role and qualities of a leader (including self-reflection on strengths and weaknesses)
  • Difference between leadership and management and the interplay of both
  • Theories of leadership and how to use the concepts practically (including trait, servant, transformational, and visionary leadership)
  • The effect of autocratic management on the team and their performance
  • Articulating and embedding the vision and mission of the organisation
  • Using behavioural ideals and situational leadership to identify the team and individual needs and adapt the style of leadership towards those needs
  • Using the action-centred model of leadership (task needs, team needs and individual needs) to enhance efficiency and productivity and build a collaborative and high functioning team
  • Communication skills including listening, perspective-taking, empathy, and feedback
  • Balance empathy and accountability by learning assertiveness
  • Develop and empower the team and individuals by positively influencing
  • Reasons for, and methods to build, trust in the team
  • Practical activities to explore confidence, team participation in decision-making, and leadership style
  • Personal development plan to enhance leadership skills
  • Team and task action plan to enhance collaboration, teamwork, goal achievement, motivation, and responsibility
  • Evaluate the impact of leadership.