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Leadership - Motivating and Developing Teams

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Non Credit Bearing
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Management & Leadership

2 Day Course
8:30am to 4pm

“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence” Sheryl Sandberg

Dive into the heart of motivation with our immersive leadership training! Motivation, like all emotions, isn’t something you can simply command. It’s a feeling that needs to be kindled, a spark that requires the right fuel.

Sure, it would be ideal if every team member was driven daily by their salary and job duties. But let’s face it, motivation often comes from less obvious places. Our interactive course takes you on a deep exploration of the psychology of motivation, arming leaders with the insights needed to inspire their teams.

But we don’t stop at understanding. We guide leaders in leveraging a variety of techniques and tools, helping them unlock and harness the unique strengths of each team member. The outcome? A team that’s not just motivated, but primed for success. Embark on this transformative journey with us and redefine your leadership potential!


  • Senior managers, middle managers, junior managers and team leaders
  • Business owners


  • A greater understanding of the concept of motivation and its importance in enhancing performance levels
  • Recognition of the empowerment and inspirational role the leader holds
  • A positive approach to forming and developing teams
  • Use current research to help you create a healthy and motivating environment
  • Improve the overall performance of the team
  • Build cooperative, resilient and communicative teams


  • Understanding motivation as an emotion with a behavioural outcome
  • Move away from outdated notions of motivation by exploring recent research on what people need to feel motivated
  • Understand how the environment of the workplace and the behaviours of the leader greatly influence the motivation of people.
  • Evaluate the motivation of the self and the team
  • Use theories of motivation to identify how to create a motivating environment for the team to flourish
  • Examine leadership behaviours that influence the motivation of the team
  • Identify a range of regular team-building activities to build an engaged and collaborative team
  • Analyse the group dynamics of the team to identify areas for improvement
  • Discuss motivational issues in the team to identify techniques and actions to address these
  • Develop an action plan in which motivational theories are adopted to develop the team and individuals
  • Explore the importance of providing feedback and recognition of achievements