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Job Descriptions and Specifications

Non Credit Bearing
Course Category: 
Human Resources

Duration: 1 Day
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm

“Job descriptions serve as the foundation for effective recruitment, performance evaluation, and employee development processes within an organisation.” – Owen Daniels, Forbes HRC

In today’s complex talent acquisition environment, having a deep understanding of job specifications and descriptions is essential. They serve multiple purposes, including aiding in recruitment and selection, informing job design and restructuring efforts, identifying training requirements, determining appropriate compensation, and providing an objective framework for evaluating job performance.

Compiling effective evidence-based job descriptions is the foundation for informed employment decisions. Unfortunately, many managers neglect this crucial task due to a lack of understanding regarding their significance or because of past errors in creating job descriptions.

During this interactive course, you will learn how to create impactful specifications that identify critical competencies to align your human capital with organisational goals. You will practically decode the requirements into accurate job descriptions that are relevant and compelling while ensuring legal compliance. This course will enable you to master the process of shaping and documenting the roles in your organisation and assist you in attracting appropriate talent and skills into your organisation to drive organisational success!


  • HR Professionals
  • Managers and Supervisors involved in recruitment
  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs


  • Appreciate the importance of well-written job specifications and job descriptions
  • Understand the key components of effective job Specifications and Descriptions
  • Master best practices for writing these in a standardised, clear, concise and compelling format
  • Develop strategies for aligning job descriptions with organisational goals and culture


  • The importance of job descriptions in recruitment and organisational success.
  • Aligning job descriptions with organisational values, culture and goals
  • Linking job descriptions to performance management and career development
  • Incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion principles in job descriptions
  • Difference between job descriptions and job specifications
  • Creating job specifications that outline required qualifications and skills
  • Using job specifications to define success criteria for the role
  • Key elements of a job Description (title, summary, responsibilities, qualifications etc.)
  • Legal considerations in writing job Descriptions.
  • Writing clear and concise job descriptions
  • Tailoring job descriptions to specific roles and levels
  • Practical exercise and case studies