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Internal Customer Service

Course Category: 
Business Skills

Duration: 1 Day
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm

Every organisation, regardless of product or service, depends solely on a loyal customer base, not only to sustain it, but to make it flourish. Service excellence does not start with the interaction between your customer service team and an external customer. A culture of service excellence starts internally within an organisation. It starts with the mind-set that every employee of your organisation is your “customer” and is therefore entitled to service excellence from you.

 This course recognises that a well-developed culture of internal service excellence will permeate an organisation, improve morale and become the norm in all external customer interactions. It promotes a service mind-set and an understanding of what service standards qualify as “service excellence” whilst unpacking why it is imperative that every staff member provides world class internal service to their colleagues, and should expect the same in return.


  • All staff – every employee is an active role player in meeting customer service needs
  • Every staff member servicing the external customer
  • Every staff member who supports your customer service team
  • Managers wanting to improve their inter-departmental relationships
  • Department heads wanting to improve overall the company “teamwork” mindset


  • By establishing a cohesive internal customer service approach which works as one unit to service the external customer
  • This ripple effect will dramatically improve the services and delivery offered to your external customer service base
  • Skills and techniques will be learned to enable all departments within your organisation to effectively serve one another
  • Customer Service Standards are explained which define what behaviours and attitudes are expected of the members of your organisation
  • How to set Customer Service Key Performance Areas for yourself
  • Recognising the importance of internal service assessments and employee motivation


  • The supply chain
  • Identifying and understanding internal and external customers
  • Strengthening internal customer service orientation
  • Establishing rapport and developing professional relationships
  • Customer Service Key Performance Areas
  • Personal responsibility
  • Communication and professional presentation of self
  • Active listening and observational skills