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Diversity Management

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Business Skills

Duration: 2 Day
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm

This workshop is directed towards managers, supervisors, and staff, including contract workers operating in an environment of diversity.

This course is designed for those who wish to better understand their colleagues and those who would like to actively participate in work life with confidence.

Defining diversity including difference in backgrounds, culture, beliefs, values, race, age, sex, language and education.

  • Diversity as a potential source of discrimination.
  • The implications of diversity for external and internal relationships.
  • Cultural biases, stereotypes and perceptions.
  • The benefits of diversity in team members.
  • Ways of utilising the diversity among team members.
  • Ways of meeting the needs of diverse clients.
  • Diversity in beliefs, values, interests and attitudes.
  • Common beliefs, values, interests and attitudes that will serve a basis for leading a team.
  • Sensitivity towards and understanding of diversity.
  • Acknowledging and managing conflict and disagreements in a way that enhances relationships.

Delegates who complete this workshop will:

  • Have an awareness of what it means to understand their own diversity as well as that of others
  • Know how to better manage diversity issues in the workplace and their individual lives
  • Know how to use diversity as a strength
  • Understand workplace etiquette and ways of doing things
  • Be able to work with many different types of people

Managers will view managing diversity as something they want to and not have to manage, in order to allow the business to:

  • See and take advantage of more opportunities,
  • Minimise customer complaints and internal conflict
  • Retain and attract talent
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Manage a diverse work force to add value