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This course is available in-house or as a public course by special arrangement

Communication - Harmonious Teamwork

Course Category: 
Business Skills

Duration: 1 Day
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm

The workplace is made up of individuals with their own personalities and way of seeing this world.  Those differences can be beneficial for creativity and problem solving, but they can also lead to clashes and conflict. 

To bring out the best in your staff, we have built a bespoke course that will provide practical insight and solutions to common communication shortcomings, aiming at assisting staff to work together better. It is all about widening our understanding of what we can do to create a harmonious, positive, and respectful environment.  An environment in which people treat one another with dignity, communicate for the purposes of achieving the goals of the business, and have a forward-thinking (positive) approach to problem solving and working towards targets.

Exploring both verbal and written communication, particularly in terms of relationship building and maintaining teamwork, interpersonal skills and tone of message. In addition, providing insight into how to positively influence others for achieving collective goals.

If you are abrupt or confrontational in tone or demeanour, you lack basic interpersonal communication skills and will struggle to build key relationships, work effectively in a team or persuade anyone to go the extra mile for you.

This course could be particularly beneficial to assisting in cultural change if all staff members participate.


All staff at every level


  • Greater success in achieving goals through better collaboration, communication and goal focus
  • Enhanced working environment in which respect and consideration is shown towards one another
  • Internal communication improved thereby enhancing external communication
  • Reduced stress levels due to minimising causes of conflict and handling conflict better
  • Business etiquette enhanced at a behavioural and attitude level.


  • Goals of communicating in the workplace
  • Building and maintaining relationships
  • The fundamentals of human behaviour
  • Techniques to build and maintain relationships, positively influence others, and collaborate better
    • Goal intention rather than emotional intention
    • Manners and business etiquette
    • Listening skills for better understanding and to demonstrate respect
    • Questioning to minimise assumptions, develop understanding, instil accountability and problem solving
    • Adapting tone and approach to your audience to achieve your communication goal
    • Using an assertive tone rather than an aggressive tone
    • Aligning body language for credibility
    • Overcoming resistance to adapting behaviour to audience
    • Managing “automatic” responses
    • Influencing in a positive and helpful manner
  • Values of respect, integrity and consideration to guide behaviour in workplace
  • eMail etiquette for written communication
    • intention
    • tone
    • clarity
    • image

 "People don’t always remember what we say, but they never forget how we make them feel.”