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Change Management - Embracing Change

Course Category: 
Business Skills

Duration: 1 Day

Time: 8:30am-4:00pm

“The key to change … is to let go of fear.”
– Rosanne Cash

 “Our only security is our ability to change.”
– John Lilly 

We live and work in times of extraordinary change. Change can occur at any time in an organisation because the motivation for change is a desire for improvement of a situation.

Change, both personal and organisational, allows us to move forward in life and experience new and exciting things. When we neglect actively working on evolving ourselves and our organisations, we can become stagnant. Being open to change, learning new skills or working on ourselves can bring about changes we never knew were possible.

Our course focuses on equipping delegates to understand the need for change and how change affects those working within a dynamic and uncertain environment. It offers alternative coping strategies that will assist staff in navigating change in support of organisational change initiatives as individuals and teams.


  • Managers and their staff working within a dynamic and changing environment.


  • Understand and recognise the areas of organisational change and how it influences the attitudes, motivation and productivity of individuals and teams  
  • Recognise the effects of change on our attitudes, behaviours and productivity
  • Enhance resilience by learning how to be adaptable when the needs of the organisation fluctuate
  • Increase personal productivity and enhance growth within your organisation by recognising change as necessary and important.
  • Develop a personal strategy to manage stress, recognise new opportunities and play a positive role within a changing environment.

Module 1

Recognising the need for change

  • Change is life, life is change
  • Understanding the dynamics of the 6 logical levels
  • Culture matters
  • Living our values
  • Why does change occur in organisations?
  • The “burning platform” approach and response
  • What are the benefits, misconceptions and pitfalls of navigating change?
  • Models for managing change
    • Systems and
    • Performance approaches
  • Deciding to change
  • Change readiness and resistance

Module 2

The effects of change on individuals and teams

  • The human response to change
  • The effects of change
  • Psychological phases
  • Productivity effects
  • Thirteen key factors that affect how change is received.
  • Taking stock personally and
  • Collectively as a team
  • Resistance to change
  • Actively managing the change curve
  • The importance of support systems

Module 3

Managing myself through transition

  • Developing your internal resources during times of transition
  • Coping mechanisms and strategies
  • The impact of my response to change
  • The role of motivational preferences
  • Revisiting resilience
  • Developing a personal action plan to cope effectively with change
  • From coping to thriving – the creative transformation journey