Scheduled Business Presentation Skills courses

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Business Presentation Skills

Unit Standard: 
NQF Level: 
Non Credit Bearing
Course Category: 
Business Skills

Duration: 2 Days
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm

We present in a business environment mainly to inform and often to persuade.  The way we construct our message is critical to the success of our presentation, but that is just the start.  How you present your message is just as important. 

This course is intensely practical, with learners examining their own communication and presentation skills and ultimately harnessing their new skills, by delivering a presentation to the group on day 2.  From planning the structure to making an impact on an audience, this course helps learners to present powerfully.  Following the course, participants will be able to plan and prepare for speaking in meetings and presentations, speak with confidence and conviction, handle questions with ease, respond in a structured and confident manner, maintain poise and presence, and have greater control over their ability to manage pressure, nerves, and reactions.

It is highly recommended that delegates also attend our PowerPoint training to further enhance their presentations.


  • All persons required to make verbal presentations to small or large groups
  • People who want to manage their nerves better when presenting in public
  • People who often need to handle questions and objections when presenting.


  • Enhanced skills to persuade the audience by confidently presenting ideas, recommendations, opinions and proposals effectively
  • Ability to structure presentations to take the audience on a journey of understanding and support for your message
  • More motivated to embrace the idea of presenting to an audience
  • Improved self-management of nerves and automatic reactions,
  • Stronger performance skills to capture attention and engage with the audience


  • Understand presenting as a communication tool
  • Understand that presenting to an audience is inviting listening for a purpose
  • Understand your audience and use those insights to guide your message
  • Practice planning your presentation
    • Creating a powerful start
    • Organising your talk using structures
    • Creating clarity and brevity (conciseness)
    • Engage with your audience
    • Engaging all senses
    • Creating a strong ending
  • Explore how to use visual aids as a tool to support your presentation
  • Practice enhancing verbal and non-verbal communication
    • Being present and owning the space
    • Enhancing vocal production
    • Using body language to support your message and show confidence
  • Explore how to overcome nerves by managing your emotions and changing your mindset
  • Explore how to maintain poise throughout your presentation, especially when challenged
  • Practice handling questions and objections with ease – using structures to be concise and confident
  • Receive feedback to enhance awareness of strengths and weaknesses when presenting
  • Celebrate success after you have presented.